Front-end capabilities

Halcyon provides a full range of the front-end capabilities. The include the Design of Circuitry, Reverse Engineering of existing products, Design Substrate Layouts, Design Custom Integrated Circuits ICs for new or replacement technologies and applications.

Thick Film

  • Standard size thick film printers
  • Large size thick film Printers
  • IR firing furnace
  • Muffle furnace
  • Laser trim machine
  • Multi-layer conductors

Wafer Dicing

  • Three Micro-Automation sawing machines

Automated Surface Mount Assembly
with Conveyor System

  • 3,600 components per hour (Zevatech)
  • 64 components feeders
  • Automatic solder and epoxy stencil print
  • Automatic solder and epoxy dispense
  • Three-zone reflow furnace
  • Five-zone reflow with unique temperature and profiling system
  • Fine pitch capability (Zevatech)