Phoenix Microelectronics, Inc.

The Best Assembly Anywhere


Phoenix can support your programs through not only our technologies, but the experience of all the Engineers on the Halcyon Team to get you a system meeting your application requirements.

Flexibility and Reliability

Biosciences Market

Since 1981, Phoenix has supported the design and/or production of hundreds of different hybrids that range from 3-component, single layer substrate to 500-component and ten layer substrate complexities. In addition, the company has manufactured:

 MCM and COB on multi-layer FR4 material with 0.4" square gallium arsenide die

 Hybrids that incorporate power and control circuitry in the same package with solder attached components berrilia substrates and direct bond copper substrates, together with epoxy attached small signal/control component thick film or thin film substrates

 Hybrids that combine hundreds of SMDs with bare active and passive die(s)

 Implantable hybrids for the medical industry

 DC-to-DC converters

 A-to-D and D-to-A converters

 Rad Hard power hybrids for space applications

 Low cost, high volume MCMs for the computer and ATE markets

 RF modules for defense and optoelectronic industries, and many, many more

Phoenix offers advanced capabilities for a wide range of products and industries requiring assembly of modules, hybrids, MCM and chip-on-board. Over the last decade, Halcyon has participated in some of the most dramatic changes that have taken place in the manufacturing of products for fiber optics, optoelectronics and RF industries