Phoenix Microelectronics, Inc.

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For more than 22 years, Phoenix has been a key microelectronic supplier providing thousands of hybrids to companies that support military programs, ranging from missile and aircraft to ground support. Phoenix also supplies high volume for telecommunications applications.

Our main markets

Using the latest in precision die placement, wire and ribbon bond assembly techniques, Phoenix has kept pace with the ever changing world of RF/Microwave Microelectronics. With uses from avionics radar to communication satellites, Phoenix has been providing military hybrids to companies like Raytheon, Hughes, General Dynamics, DMEA and others involved in high-end applications.

From the Space Shuttle to commercial and military satellites, Phoenix has for over 22 years provided all types of microelectronic assemblies to our space customers. The space community has relied on Halcyon for leading edge microelectronic packaging solutions.

Phoenix has continuously supported the electronic sensor areas of biology through working with the California Institute of Technology, Information Sciences Institute, Ames Research Labs, Kennedy Space Center and Jet Propulsion Laboratories. Our work with the Electronic Nose (E-NOSE) has won Phoenix a Certificate of Recognition from NASA in the 1999. Other Programs have included a seven sensor electrometer module, galvanic corrosion sensing arrays using eight different metallization's in one module, water quality sensing arrays, microbe growth analysis chambers/arrays, and development of solid state radiation circuitry able to count levels from .1 Rad to 10 MegaRads. Through our strategic alliances, we have been able to not only assist the programs via metallization's and packaging, but in rapid fabrication and population of PCBs, machining of metals, ceramics, and plastics for chamber construction and development of custom ceramics and semiconductors for a special pH sensing system.

For more than 40 years, the backbone of the microelectronic technology base has been small signal hybrids. Phoenix has been building these products since 1989, keeping pace with the fast changing technology.