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Using the latest in precision die placement, wire and ribbon bond assembly techniques, Halcyon has kept pace with the ever changing world of RF/Microwave Microelectronics. With uses from avionics radar to communication satellites, Halcyon has been providing military hybrids to companies like Raytheon, Hughes, General Dynamics, DMEA and others involved in high-end applications.

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Telecom Market

Types of Products

 Clock Drivers

 Optical Amplifier

 Data Recovery Hybrids

Phoenix Solutions

Since 1981, Halcyon has supported the design and/or production of hundreds of different hybrids that range from Fiber Optic Transmitters through Ku-Band Receivers. In addition, the company has manufactured:

 TO-46 Transmitters

 X-Band and Ku-Band Transceivers

 Ku-Band line of sight Transmitters

Phoenix offers advanced capabilities for a wide range of products and industries requiring assembly of modules, hybrids, MCM and chip-on-board. Over the last decade, Halcyon has participated in some of the most dramatic changes that have taken place in the manufacturing of products for fiber optics.